Press release 11 November 2015

Water use in the gold rush, posted 1 Feb 2012

Academic publications

Rivers of Gold project

2018  Reconstruction of Historical Riverine Sediment Production on the Goldfields of Victoria, Australia, Anthropocene 21: 1-15

Cultural Landscapes of water use project

2016 Remote Sensing Landscapes of Water Management on the Victorian Goldfields, Australia, Journal of Archaeological Science 76:48-55.

2016 The Archaeology of Anthropocene Rivers: Water Management and Landscape Change in ‘Gold Rush’ Australia Antiquity 90(353):1348-1362.

2016 The Archaeology of Water on the Victorian Goldfields International Journal of Historical Archaeology 21(1):49-65.

2016 The River Loddon and Tributaries Water Supply Company, Journal of Australasian Mining History 14:21-36

2016 Beechworth Goldfield and the Origins of Water Management in Victoria, Victorian Historical Journal 87(2):237-260.

2015 Historical Maps, GIS, and Complex Mining Landscapes on the Victorian Goldfields. Provenance, journal of the Public Records Office of Victoria

2015 Mercury Use and Loss from Gold Mining in Nineteenth-Century Victoria Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria 127:44-54.

2015  Cornish Tin-Streamers and the Australian Gold Rush: Technology Transfer in Alluvial Mining Post-Medieval Archaeology 49 (2):99-113.

2014   The Sludge Question: The Regulation of Mine Tailings in Nineteenth-Century Victoria Environment and History 20(3):385-410.

2014 Bitumen Paper Pipes on the Victorian Goldfields, Australasian Mining History 12:45-58.

2014 ‘A Mere Thread of Land’:  Water Races, Gold Mining and Water Law in Colonial Victoria, Journal of Australian Colonial History 16:168-187.  download pdf of water law paper

2013 Flows of Water on a Nineteenth-Century Australian Goldfield, Water History 5(3):331-347.

2013 The Garfield Water Wheel:  Hydraulic Power on the Victorian Goldfields, Australasian Historical Archaeology 31:25-32.

2011 Harvesting Water on a Victorian Colonial Goldfield, Australasian Historical Archaeology 29:24-32.


2015 Water and Gold: Interpreting the Landscape of Creswick Creek

2016  Historical Archaeology of Water Management at Beechworth

2017 The Loddon Company:  Water Management and Alluvial Mining at Fryerstown




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