New Book

2019 Sludge: Disaster on the Victorian Goldfields, Black Ink/La Trobe University Press


Gold Rush Era Mining Regulations are Failing in The Conversation, August 2019

Press release 11 November 20152018 Anthropocene historic sediment

Water use in the gold rush, posted 1 Feb 2012

Academic publications

Rivers of Gold project

2019 Mining Modification of River Systems:  A Case Study from the Australian Gold Rush, GeoArchaeology

2019 Mining to Mud:  A Multidisciplinary Approach to Understanding Victoria’s Riverine Landscape as a Product of Historical Gold Mining, Preview 200:44-56

2018 Reconstruction of Historical Riverine Sediment Production on the Goldfields of Victoria, Australia, Anthropocene 21: 1-15

2018, Bucket dredging in South East Australia, 1899-1958, Australasian Mining History, 16:59-74

2018 Post-European Environmental Change and its Potential Impact on Archaeological Sites, in Spry, Caroline, D. Frankel, S. Lawrence, I. Berelov & S. Canning (eds.), Excavations, Surveys and Heritage Management in Victoria, Vol. 7 Melbourne: La Trobe University, pp. 47-52

Cultural Landscapes of water use project

2018 The Lal Lal Waterworks Association, Australasian Historical Archaeology, 36:59-68

2016 Remote Sensing Landscapes of Water Management on the Victorian Goldfields, Australia, Journal of Archaeological Science 76:48-55.

2016 The Archaeology of Anthropocene Rivers: Water Management and Landscape Change in ‘Gold Rush’ Australia Antiquity 90(353):1348-1362.

2016 The Archaeology of Water on the Victorian Goldfields International Journal of Historical Archaeology 21(1):49-65.

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2015  Cornish Tin-Streamers and the Australian Gold Rush: Technology Transfer in Alluvial Mining Post-Medieval Archaeology 49 (2):99-113.

2014   The Sludge Question: The Regulation of Mine Tailings in Nineteenth-Century Victoria Environment and History 20(3):385-410.

2014 Bitumen Paper Pipes on the Victorian Goldfields, Australasian Mining History 12:45-58.

2014 ‘A Mere Thread of Land’:  Water Races, Gold Mining and Water Law in Colonial Victoria, Journal of Australian Colonial History 16:168-187.  download pdf of water law paper

2013 Flows of Water on a Nineteenth-Century Australian Goldfield, Water History 5(3):331-347.

2013 The Garfield Water Wheel:  Hydraulic Power on the Victorian Goldfields, Australasian Historical Archaeology 31:25-32.

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2015 Water and Gold: Interpreting the Landscape of Creswick Creek

2016  Historical Archaeology of Water Management at Beechworth

2017 The Loddon Company:  Water Management and Alluvial Mining at Fryerstown




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