Art-Science Collaboration

Judy Macklin – a printmaker – and Mark Macklin – a geomorphologist – are both award winning authorities in landscape interpretation and representation, and have since 1980 pursued independent careers working worldwide as an educator and practising artist (Judy Macklin: and a university-based geographer studying river systems and environmental change (Mark Macklin:

Over the last 10 years they have been collaborating in a series of transdisciplinary art-geoscience encounters and entanglements within the watery realm in Australia, New Zealand Romania, Spain, the Netherlands and UK. (Macklin and Macklin, 2011; 2013; 2018). These studies are exploring contemporary and deep time environmental issues – climate change, flooding, and pollution – that impact significantly on the lifeways and cultures of riparian communities.

Rivers of Gold International Print Portfolio and Exchange 2017-2020

For the Rivers of Gold project Jude has curated an international print portfolio and exchange that involves 40 print-makers in four locations and three countries.  Invited artists were encouraged to reflect on issues related to the theme ‘Rivers of Gold’ through a range of time and space scales from antiquity to the 21st century and beyond.  The resulting exhibition has already be shown at galleries in Australia and New Zealand.  Further exhibitions in Wales, New Zealand and Victoria are planned for 2019 and 2020.

Download the Rivers of Gold portfolio catalogue here

Download the Print Council of Australia review of the exhibition at the Queensland College of the Arts here


Rivers of Gold exhibition dates

Previous work by Jude and Mark

Macklin, J. E. and Macklin, M. G. (2011) Rivers – lines of time. In S. Mills (Ed.), Interventions: Măgura past and present. Bucureşti: Renaissance, 59-72.

Macklin, J. E. and Macklin, M. G. (2013) Deep Reflections. Printmaking Today 22(2), 31.

Macklin, J. E. and Macklin, M. G. (2018) Art-geoscience encounters and entanglements in the watery realm.  Journal of Maps, in press.

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